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When I first met David Smith, it was just after the worst night of my life. I was arrested and being accused of outrageous things that I did not do. I was caught in the middle of a class conflict, a political agenda and a media frenzy. The press was relentless and I found myself in the middle of a process that was completely foreign and overwhelming. Coming from a family of lawyers, I had a choice of many but as soon as I met David I knew I wanted him by my side. His calm yet confident demeanor immediately put me at ease and this continued for months as I called him almost every morning at 6:30 am just to hear his words of encouragement and support. It was David's tireless work ethic and skills as a lawyer, investigator and aggressive advocate that got me and my family through that terrible process. I have referred many people to him afterwards and they all feel the same way. However, it is because of who he is as a person - honorable, loyal and compassionate, that I continue to call him a friend to this day.

For an innocent individual to be falsely accused of domestic violence felony assault is devastating. The stakes were high - years in jail and deportation. David and Brian were consummate professionals, being forced to deal with a DA’s office that was particularly sensitive to prosecuting similar cases to the full extent of the law. David and Brian’s credibility with the prosecutors, a deft strategic approach, as well as solid preparation secured a thorough vindication pre-indictment with all charges being dismissed. Critically, David and Brian were relationship driven and succeeded in managing my expectations in the face of a devastating personal experience. David and Brian are undoubtedly the heroes of this story.

This testimonial is based on a personal experience of David’s dedication to the highest standards of the law, his commitment to family values, and his impeccable character. I have personally benefited from David’s legal advice and counsel. He has shown compassion and diligence when it came to my legal needs. His understanding and application of the law has consistently been demonstrated with intellect, reasoning and a sense of fairness. In a time of need, I admired David’s readiness and commitment. David is someone who listens first, then objectively considers all alternatives before making a decision. I grew fond of David through the legal process and his commitment to family values brought a culture and understanding that was similar to my own. I can attest through my experience that he is greatly respected among his peers, colleagues, and friends as an exceptional attorney with the highest caliber of professional skills and legal instincts. He handled my judicial experience with the highest level of professionalism, always having my best interests in mind. I owe a debt of gratitude to David for his service, for we obtained the outcome we worked so hard to achieve. Forever grateful,

I never imagined I would ever need a criminal defense attorney, but I thank my lucky stars that I was referred to David Smith. Facing a criminal charge is an awful and harrowing experience…one which terrified me. David was reached in the wee hours of the morning and was not just responsive but sharp and on task; calling me while I was behind bars at a police precinct to fill me in on the severity of the charges and how he would be handling it. He was the one thing that gave me peace that night. When I met him for the first time later that morning at central booking…he brought quarters with him. We laugh about it now - but it was an incredibly thoughtful and smart move on his part; his first concern was meeting the needs of his client who he knew had no access to coins to make a phone call from behind bars. I’ll never forget that. Ultimately, David’s technological savvy led to the discovery that the police tampered with evidence which proved they lied and that I was falsely arrested. Because of David, the charges against me were dismissed and my freedom was not jeopardized. I learned a valuable lesson when it comes to lawyers with David - and that is, having a likable and seasoned attorney who has experience and a good rapport with the D.A.s office is invaluable; particularly when your freedom and your future are at stake. I am forever grateful for all of it.

Facing Federal charges was one of the most petrifying experiences one can ever face. From the moment the FBI kicked open my door, to then having to go through their demeaning processing procedures, I really started to believe that life as I knew it, was completely over. Being in a situation requiring the need of a criminal attorney is never an easy one. Apart from the immediate stress of the situation, there is a prolonged anxiety around the uncertain outcome. I frantically dialed every top attorney in town and knew immediately after speaking with and then meeting with David Smith, that everything was going to be ok. David inspired in me the confidence that he could successfully navigate through this crazy legal process that I literally knew nothing about. His confidence, wisdom and demeanor set the tone for the most trying period of my life as well as my family’s life. Even when it seemed that life was being taken away from me, having David on my side caused me to have no doubts about the outcome. He was able to navigate through the rivers of my Conspiracy Charges, as well as to ensure me of what was expected to come out of the situation. I cannot thank him enough for helping me resolve this matter positively with not only his legal capabilities, but also his realness, compassion and genuine caring for me.

I could not believe when I received a call from the Nassau County Police Department that my wife and the mother of our 2 young children was in a pretty big car accident. A million different things popped up in my head. Was she ok? Where are the kids? Was anyone hurt? The next words from the officer’s mouth were, “ Your wife rear ended a car that was stopped at a red light.” I asked the officer on the phone if the other car stopped short for some reason. He apologized and said that was not the case and that my wife was being arrested for DWI having blown a .18 after the accident. My jaw hit the floor. I asked the officer about the other car’s occupants to insure they were ok and requested that the police not question my wife without our attorney there, which he kind of laughed at. He said that she was being taken into custody and she will call me in a few hours to tell me where she was and what the next steps were.

The first person that popped up into my head was David Smith. I immediately called him once I got off the phone with the officer and told him what just happened. I really didn’t know what else I could do; I felt so helpless and had no idea where my wife was. David assured me that he would take care of it and would keep me updated along the way. Within minutes, David found out where my wife was and gave me specific instructions on what I was to do next. He then went over with me the future steps of how this ordeal was going to unfold, and I can honestly say that he was 100 percent correct. After David assisted in having my wife released in about an hour, he then sat us both down to go over what to expect and what we should do. The one thing he said for us to do was NOT TO WORRY, as he had a good handle on the matter and that we just needed to live our lives as normal as we could and he would take care of everything and keep us in the loop.

After a few court dates and some back and forth, David was able to negotiate on our behalf a deal that basically charged my wife with no criminal wrong doing and no points on her license. I am not really sure if I should even write this, but the case is over now and it is the truth, so be it. David was literally a Wizard in the sense that anyone who knows Nassau County would know that they are the toughest out there with DWI/DUI convictions. With David by our side, he literally was able to jump through all the hoops and loopholes in the system to achieve a fantastic result for my wife. On behalf of my family - Thank you David !!!!!

David Smith came to me highly recommended from a dear friend. I needed some sound counsel with pragmatic expectations at a difficult juncture in my life. David not only provided excellent representation but helped me manage my family’s expectations throughout. My case was resolved to my satisfaction due completely to David’s exceptional research and negotiating ability. David’s relationship and reputation with the United States Attorney’s Office played a critical role in reaching a settlement.

Dear David and Brian,

Heart felt thanks for all you did to bring peace to me and my family. Thank you, especially, for your compassion, cheerfulness and dedication throughout the many challenges of my case. I only wish every woman in my situation could be represented by people such as yourselves. Best wishes to you and yours you are very dear to my heart.

Dear Brian,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m incredibly grateful to you, not only for your brilliant and generous legal help, but also for your warmth and kindness.